My sister is marrried to a guy named Dave.

Dave is the loving father of my nieces Emily and Laura. As you see from his hat, Dave was recently voted "Greatest Dad." Congratulations Dave! Your family is very proud of you.

Dave was hoping to win the title of "World's Greatest Dad" but that honor went to Niran Asawawatanaporn of Phuket, Thailand.

It was a pretty close race. But the judges went with Mr. Asawawatanaporn because he saved his nine children from the Tsunami. Please! The Tsunami is so last year! It's going to be 2006! It's a new year people! And who wants to think about super depressing things that happened last year?

Dave lets his two daughters eat all the candy they want! How is that not the World's Greatest Dad?!

In addition to his award for Greatest Dad, Mr. Asawawatanaporn's beloved pet buffalo also received a prize.
Apparently Rotjana the Buffalo carried the entire family on her back for two weeks, until they reached dry land. Again, I disagree with the judges on this one!

Everybody knows that the Greatest Buffalo is...

...Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly! What does Rotjana the Buffalo know about the no huddle offense?!

Please help me rectify this injustice! Forward this to your friends! Call your congressman!

The United States of America is the Greatest Country in the World! Let's keep the Greatest where they belong!


At 12/29/2005 09:16:00 AM, Anonymous rp said...

hey this is funny.

At 12/29/2005 10:06:00 AM, Blogger AB Carney said...

A compelling argument. Dave has my vote - I love candy...


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