After more than a week of rain, we finally had a sunny weekend in New York!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. And what better place to spend a sunny day than at the beach?

My journey began at Penn Station - the Gateway to Long Island's beautiful, only slightly polluted beaches!

I headed to the south shore of Long Island, to a quaint little oceanfront community called Long Beach.

When I arrived at Long Beach's famed boardwalk, I noticed something: there was nobody there!

"Great!" I thought to myself. "I'll have the beach all to myself!"

I was headed for the ramp that led from the boardwalk to the beach, when I heard a lone, high-pitched voice coming out of a wooden guard box.

"It's $7 to go on to the beach!" the teenaged guard said. "Can't you see the sign?"

No wonder there was nobody on the beach. It's too expensive!

I don't believe that anyone should pay to enjoy a natural resource. So I decided to bypass the beach guard and make my own route to the water!

Unfortunately, it was further to the sand than I had calculated.

Not an award-winning landing!

Sand is harder than it looks!

But finally, after my long journey, the beautiful water of the Atlantic Ocean was within reach!

I pulled offf my trusty backpack and established a base camp.

I took off my shoes...

and my shirt...

and my shorts...

and moments later I was in the swimsuit that the Good Lord gave me.

I felt so free, just being there and communing with nature. It was a spiritual moment.

But then I noticed something.

The guards had called in the Emergency Mobile Unit!

And I was now The Beach's Most Wanted!

I quickly made my way back to base camp...

and put my clothes back on.

Then I headed back to the boardwalk from whence I had came. It seemed a lot higher from the other side.

But there is no challange that I cannot overcome!

I called upon all the strength I had within me...

"Arrrgh!" I growled, as I used my super-human strength to pull myself to freedom.

Almost there...

I looked back at the beach guards and laughed. "You'll never take Will McKinley alive!"

I made my way back to the train station, proud that I had beaten the system and enjoyed the beach for free.

As I waited for the train back to New York City, I noticed a flier on the bulletin board.

"I've always wanted to take guitar lessons!" I exclaimed, as I tore the phone number off the flier.

Now I get to do two of my favorite things at the same time! All in all, I think it was a pretty good day!

Have a great summer, everybody!


At 6/13/2006 11:14:00 AM, Blogger mekayla said...

Ahhhh... nude .. no better way to live life.

Looks like you had a blast

At 6/13/2006 11:46:00 AM, Anonymous veronica said...

Wow, you evaded your beach admission, it's a good thing you didn't get arrested-although, Maggie wasn't there. Looks like you had fun-I certainly enjoyed the pics-hubba, hubba!!!

At 6/13/2006 02:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hot Bod!!!

At 6/13/2006 06:39:00 PM, Blogger Nancy Kersey said...

So all the hair went to your chest?

Great post. Enjoyed it very much.

At 6/14/2006 08:21:00 AM, Blogger mipsfuct said...

Great stuff.

I fancy some naked guitar playing myself.

At 6/14/2006 11:50:00 AM, Blogger rachael said...

wow, maggie out did her self this time. She had to climb up and down that illegal entrance to get all those shots of you doing it once.

At 6/16/2006 01:08:00 PM, Blogger Stacey said...

Did you actually go in that cold water naked???

At 9/07/2006 01:14:00 AM, Anonymous Scout said...

Ahh the beach is always a blast!


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